Interface GameChange

All Known Subinterfaces:
CityChange, FieldChange, GUIChange, NationChange, PlayerChange, UnitChange
All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractCityFieldNationChange, AbstractFieldChange, AbstractFieldCityChange, AbstractFieldCityPlayerChange, AbstractFieldNationUnitChange, AbstractFieldUnitChange, AbstractFieldUnitPlayerChange, AbstractGUIChange, AbstractNationChange, AbstractUnitChange

public interface GameChange

Top of the GameChange-hierarchy. NOTE: (1) Implementors may use some special constants for the fact that information usually stored in the GameChange is not yet known. (for example the id of a unit, if the GameChange constructs that unit). This behaviour is ONLY ALLOWED UNTIL execute() returns. After that, under all circumstances all information has to exist. (an exception might be the case that a GameChange "failed"; but handling this is not (yet?) necessary).

Method Summary
 void execute()
 void notifyListeners()

Method Detail


public void execute()


public void notifyListeners()