Interface CityChange

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AbstractCityFieldNationChange, AbstractFieldCityChange, AbstractFieldCityPlayerChange

public interface CityChange
extends GameChange

A GameChange that deals with one or (possibly) more cities. A CityChange models the following types of events: (1) a property of a city has changed in some way (for example its name) (2) a city was built/removed (3) the owner of a city changed A CityChange does not happen if: (a) a property of a unit located inside a city changes (for example: it gains some health-points) Maybe there will be an additional GameChange-type for building inside cities (and similar things). We'll see...

Field Summary
static int ADD_CITY
Method Summary
 int[] getCityIDs()
          Returns the ids of all cities affected by this CityChange.
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execute, notifyListeners

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public static final int ADD_CITY
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public int[] getCityIDs()
Returns the ids of all cities affected by this CityChange. Under certain circumstances, the array may also contain constants defined in this interface. See interface GameChange for details.

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