Class DijkstraMoveCalculator

  extended bycivquest.units.MoveCalculator
      extended bycivquest.units.DijkstraMoveCalculator

public class DijkstraMoveCalculator
extends MoveCalculator

Nested Class Summary
 class DijkstraMoveCalculator.FieldInfoComparator
          Comparator for comparing two FieldInfo-objects (needed for the heap used within the dijkstra-algorithm).
Constructor Summary
DijkstraMoveCalculator(Registry registry)
Method Summary
 MovePath calculateOneMovePath(java.util.Collection unitCollection, Field to)
          Calculates a MovePath for a move of the given unit-group from its current position to Field .
 boolean moveUnit(long id, Coordinate to)
          Moves the unit with the given id to field .
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calculateMovePaths, constructUnitGroups
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Constructor Detail


public DijkstraMoveCalculator(Registry registry)
Method Detail


public boolean moveUnit(long id,
                        Coordinate to)
Moves the unit with the given id to field . A field with Coordinate must exist (no test on this is performed) and field must especially be a neighborfield of the field the unit is currently located on (a test on this is performed, see below). A unit with id must exist. Performes all necessary datastructure-updates. Especially, this function takes into account the time the unit has left this turn, its speed and its distance to field . If uncomplete moves are allowed, the unit may have started a move to some neighbor-field, this will be taken into account. If time doesn't suffice, dependend on areIncompleteMovesAllowed (AIMA), the following two cases exist: AIMA = true: The timeAwayFromSourceField and incompleteMoveDestField- attributes are set correctly AIMA = false: If the unit hasn't moved up to now this turn, it can move to nevertheless. Otherwise, it cannot move at all, so all relevant datastructures remain unchanged. NOTE: None of the cases described above is a reason for returning false The function tests for being a neighbor-field (case EA), existence of unit (case EB).

Specified by:
moveUnit in class MoveCalculator
id - unit-id as described
to - field to move to
false, if one of the (error-) cases EA, EB happened, true otherwise


public MovePath calculateOneMovePath(java.util.Collection unitCollection,
                                     Field to)
Calculates a MovePath for a move of the given unit-group from its current position to Field .

Specified by:
calculateOneMovePath in class MoveCalculator
to - a Field
a MovePath as described