Class CompositeFieldView

  extended bycivquest.swing.fieldview.CompositeFieldView
All Implemented Interfaces:
FieldView, FieldViewManager
Direct Known Subclasses:

public abstract class CompositeFieldView
extends java.lang.Object
implements FieldView, FieldViewManager

A FieldView that works by using some other FieldViews. See implementors like LayeredFieldView for examples.

Has to implement FieldViewManager because it controls FieldViews although it is a FieldView itself - see class-comment of FieldViewManager for details.

Field Summary
protected  Field field
          Field this LayeredFieldView is assigned to
protected  FieldViewManager parent
Constructor Summary
CompositeFieldView(Field field, FieldViewManager parent)
Method Summary
 Field getField()
          Returns the field this FieldView displays.
 void repaintChildFieldView(FieldView fieldView)
          Causes repainting of the given child-fieldView of this FieldViewManager.
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Field Detail


protected Field field
Field this LayeredFieldView is assigned to


protected FieldViewManager parent
Constructor Detail


public CompositeFieldView(Field field,
                          FieldViewManager parent)
Method Detail


public Field getField()
Description copied from interface: FieldView
Returns the field this FieldView displays.

Specified by:
getField in interface FieldView
the field this FieldView displays


public void repaintChildFieldView(FieldView fieldView)
Description copied from interface: FieldViewManager
Causes repainting of the given child-fieldView of this FieldViewManager.

Specified by:
repaintChildFieldView in interface FieldViewManager
fieldView - this fieldView will be repainted; has to be child of this FieldViewManager-object